7 day water fast before and after pictures

Well, Here you can see the 7 day water fast before and after pictures of weight loss transformation. Before we see the picture, let’s learn about water fasting and how you can do this at home.

What is water fasting?

When a person drinks only water and doesn’t eat any food that is water fasting. The fasting is for weight loss. Many people do fasting but water fasting is one of them. It is popular with many people. If you have a bad habit of overeating and need to lose weight, you can try this method.

Is it safe for health?

Yes it is totally safe for your health. Because it is a natural weight loss system. It helps you burn fat and reduce weight early. If you are doing this you don’t need any exercise or other things. You can do this for 24 hours to 7 days. 

This period of time should end the maximum time without food. We know that the Islamic religion fasts for 30 days a year. But today water fasting is very popular all over the world.

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Can water fasting help lose body fat?

Yes, you can lose your body fat by doing water fasting. It is a totally safe and healthy process that you can lose your body fat and control your weight. This fasting is mostly popular for weight loss. Because it helps reduce weight early. If you do 7 days of water fasting you can lose around 7 kg. That is huge for you.

Benefits of water fasting.

  • Loss weight early
  • Don’t need any cost for this.
  • Reducing belly fat.
  • Natural way for weight loss.
  • It is a proven way.

Let’s see the 7 day water fast before and after pictures.

7 day water fast before and after pictures

7 day water fast before and after pictures - from reddit

This picture was collected from YouTube and Reddit.

how to start water fasting?

You can first set your mind for water fasting by knowing about it. Set how many times you can do this. Choose a time period when you are totally free. You can do this for the end of the week.

 If you are not free for the whole week, I can’t suggest you fasting. If all things are set, you can start your water fasting. Every day calculate your weight. By doing this, you can motivate yourself for your next day.

water fasting can you drink coffee?

Yes, you can drink coffee. But not all the time. If you think about fasting for 7 days, then you drink coffee after two or three days. Fasting will not be complete if you have coffee all the time. So try to end your day by only drinking water. Don’t drink over coffee after fasting.

How to break water fasting?

Breaking the fast is also very important. Because of fasting that greatly weakens the body. It can cause your gas, acidity or some other things. You can break your fast with water mixed with lemon or orange juice with honey.

 The next day you can eat vegetables and soup. You can drink coconut water or fruit juice 3 to 5 times a day. 

Who should not water fast?

Water fasting is good but not for everyone. If you are not an adult don’t do the fasting. If you cannot do fasting, don’t do this. If you have any illness and need to take a supplement every day, don’t try to fast.

Here we give some names of diseases that should no longer be water fasting.

  • If you have underweight
  • If you have type1 diabetes
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have heart problems
  • If you have have uncontrolled migraines
  • If you are undergoing a blood transfusion.
  • If you taking specific medication
  • If your doctor advises you not to do fasting.


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