Amanda Batula Weight Loss | How She lost 15-20 Pounds

Amanda Batula is known as an actress, creative director, graphic designer, and also a television personality in America. She was born in New Jersey, USA on 24 July 1991. She lost 15-20 pounds. Today we are going to discuss Amanda Batula Weight Loss, her diet and her Workout Routine.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

She has been trying to lose weight for the last two years. The creative actress can lose 15 pounds to 20 pounds. Her many fans want to know how she can lose her weight and what the secrets are behind. Well, we are going to discuss her weight loss secrets and her full journey.

She said about his weight that in 2017, when she was at “his heaviest” she weighed more than 55 kilograms. She felt unwell about being overweight. But next time she could bring herself to the right weight.

If you follow her on Instagram, you know a lot about her weight loss journey. Because she always prefers to stay connected with her fans through Instagram. She also shared her weight loss journey with her fans.

Amanda gave her fans a chance for a Q&A session and asked her fans what they wanted to know from her. In that Q&A episode, one of her fans asked him about the secret to her losing weight.

She says changing her eating habits and changing her eating schedule has helped her lose pounds. She was able to come to the right weight by changing her eating habits in the right way.

Amanda Batula’s Diet and Workout Routine

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Diet and Workout

Amanda Batula was talking about her exercise routine in her Instagram Q&A session. She said she doesn’t actually exercise anymore. She had been trying to lose weight through exercise for two years. But exercise did not help her lose weight.

She did not get any progress in losing weight through exercise, so she focused on changing her eating habits. When she tried to reduce weight by exercise, she didn’t have any control over her bad food havid.

She then enlisted the help of a nutritionist. The nutritionist told her what to eat and what to avoid to achieve her goal. Since then, she has been following these rules.

Amanda added that losing her weight was much easier when she started doing intermediate fasting. She drank various bulletproofs. She avoided all sugary and carbohydrate foods from his list of daily foods.

Batula thinks the journey should start with the right diet without thinking too much about losing weight. She said “If you want to lose weight, refrain from counting calories,”.

Amanda Batula said- “I only looked at the nutrition labels when I ate a process to see how much sugar or carbohydrate it contains”.

She thinks it is important to have protein, meat, vegetables and fruits on your daily diet. But he added that many fruits contain a lot of sugar, which is good to avoid. It helps in proper weight loss.

Batula says it’s best not to stand on your weight scale to see if you’ve lost weight. How you feel about your everyday clothes is the most important thing for you.

Amanda Batula has ruled out foods that could be a problem for her in her daily diet. He drank bulletproof coffee with regular intermediate fasting on his weight loss journey. She used to eat lunch at 3 pm every day while she was fasting.

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Amanda Batula’s Intestinal Problems

Amanda Batula suffers from an illness. She suffers from an intestinal problem. Because of this, her stomach swells more than usual.

The actress found out about her problem 5 years ago. Every time she ate something, her stomach would swell up more than usual. She was suffering from constipation and flatulence.

She goes to a good doctor for this disease. The doctor examined her and said that she was infected with some bad bacteria. There are antibiotics for this disease which she has been taking ever since.

Amanda Batula Weight, Height and Married

The beautiful actress Amanda Batula is 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 m) tall. Her weight right now is 58 kg (127.8 lbs). The actress is now leading her married life. Her husband’s name is Kyle Cooke.

More recently, they were married. Before getting married, they continued dating. In a post on her Instagram account, she shared that after 1120 days, they got married and the wait for her was over.

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Amanda Batula Net Worth

The gorgeous American actress, Amanda Batula, has an estimated net worth around $1 million. She worked continuously on television and earned those amounts. She is a well-known television actress in America. If you are a fan of her, you will have seen her on television before.


In conclusion, Amanda Batula has been slimming down her body and she is sharing her tips on how to follow a healthy diet and how to work out properly. The Summer House actress has lost around 20 pounds despite feeling overweight. 

With Amanda Batula’s workout, meal plans and diet plans, it doesn’t seem like an impossible task to stick to a healthy routine.

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