Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss | Diet, Workout, Before and After [2022]

Angel is an English television personality, author, internet influencer, designer, producer and entrepreneur. She is the wife of a famous British television personality and former army officer Dick Strawbridge. Angle became popular after she and her husband bought the Château de la Motte-Husson, a Neo-Renaissance château.

Strawbridge is also known for organising tea parties. In the last two years, there has been another reason for the growing popularity of Strawbridge. Angel slowly and steadily lost more than 15 kg (33 pounds), making him the subject of headlines again.

When Angel shared her new photos of her new body, her fans were shocked. They want to know what happened. However, looking at his lifestyle, it is now clear that Strawbridge has a healthy lifestyle to relieve himself.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey

After new photos of the Angel began circulating on the Internet, the fans were amazed and amazed. So how did the owner of the castle from the 19th century lose weight? Now by eating a healthy diet and exercising a lot. She helps her husband Dick on the road.

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Angel’s Diet Plan

The first and most important thing Strawbridge did to lose weight was to reduce sugar consumption. He left all types of processed foods and replaced them with homemade healthy and fresh foods. Strawbridge made a bowl of salad, which was a must for lunch and dinner.

Along with the salad, Strawbridge will drink a glass of fresh fruit juice with each meal. Salad is not the only food Angel eats. He also has chicken or fish for a few days. Angel managed to lose weight by going through her diet plan and eating only healthy foods.

Angel’s Workout Plan

Maintaining a diet is not the only thing needed to lose weight. An exercise regimen is also important. And Strawbridge knows that very well. That’s why he goes to sports school every day. Angel practised cardio a lot. Sometimes he also swims and rides.

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Before & After Weight Loss

Angel Strawbridge weight loss before and after

By controlling her food intake and exercising at the gym, Strowbridge managed to lose 15 kg. His current weight is 65 kg (143 lb). While Angel previously weighed around 80 kg. Another American and international television personality, Ige Johnson, lost half his body weight, 180 pounds.


These are all known facts about Angel Strawbridge weight loss. By maintaining his health and leading a healthy life, Angel sets a good example for those who struggle for a healthy life.

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