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Ariadna Mazuska is a Professional Model and Influencer from Poland. She was born February 13, 1992, now her age 29. She is popular in the United States for its beauty and presentation. She is known for her videos on beauty, fashion, blogging, lifestyle, and more. In fact, she is one of the founders of the Ariastre fashion store. Ariadna also writes her fashion blog on Ari-Maj.

Ariadna Majewska’s Early Life

Ariadna Majewska celebrates her birthday every year in February. Majewska was born and raised in Poznan, Poland. The actress went to a local high school in Poznan and became interested in poetry and blogging. He then graduated and moved to the United States.

Majuska, 29, is of Polish nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnic European white group. People born in Bahman have advanced, creative, indifferent, humane, loyal, determined etc. characteristics that can be seen in Aquarius people. In addition, he followed Christianity with all his heart and went to church regularly.

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Ariadna Majewska’s Family

The actress was born to his caring Polish parents. Ariadna has yet to reveal any details about her. The professions of his mother and father are also unknown. However, he belongs to a well-known family. Ariane’s childhood dream was to become a writer or an artist.

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Ariadna Majewska Career

She started her career as a model and joined Instagram for the first time in 2017. Even if you don’t have much time for a party, your body and appearance are wonderful. This model has found many fans in a short period of time.

In fact, she has also signed several projects involving endorsements, sponsorships, collaborations, etc. On May 6, 2016, Epil joined YouTube and started uploading videos related to various fields such as beauty, fashion, hacking, and lifestyle. , focusing on high-quality video, beauty, and unique fashion tips.

She released her first video titled ‘Ari_maj’s Spring Breeze (Ariadna Majewska’) on May 20, 2016 and it was well received, in fact she has 313,881 views.

Over time, she became a professional of clothes and fashion and without wasting time, created her own clothing brand Ariastre, and launched her own online store on the Shoplo platform. He also blogs about his brand on Bloglovin.

Ariadna Majewska Net Worth

Majewska loves her job, and not just because she makes a decent living. Ariadne has a net worth of around $600,000-$900,000 as of 2021 which she earns from her various projects and markets. It also has its own website called Ari-Maj.

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Ariadna Majewska Relationship

Ariadna is undoubtedly a beautiful and attractive woman with a good personality, but nevertheless, she does not show any part of her friend and all her activities. It is possible that he is single and will continue to build his career.

Some important facts about Ariadne Majewska

  • Ariadna also writes on her Bloglovin blog. 
  • From an early age, he dreamed of becoming an artist or a writer. 
  • Her Instagram journey started in 2011. 
  • She follows a healthy lifestyle and loves good movies.
  • Ariadna likes to listen to music every day and spends the rest of her time communicating with interesting people. Characters 
  • She loves to travel and takes pictures while moving. Ariadna is currently using the Sony a7r III with the 85mm Sigma Art Lens. Ariadna says his filming is done by ordinary people.

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