Boogie2988 Weight Loss | 200lb lost by Gastric Bypass Surgery

Boogie2988’s original name is Steven Jay Williams. But he is well known as the online alias Boogie2988 or Boogie. He is an American YouTuber born July 24, 1974. Now we are going to find out Boogie2988 Weight Loss success stories.

Boogie2988 Weight Loss Surgery

Boogie2988 was a 587 pounds man. He was considering weight reduction surgery. It was not easy to find a doctor for the weight reduction operation. In August 2017, he had an operation.

Here was a problem: 450 pounds were required to perform the operations, but in the operations he weighed 495 pounds. The weight required he passed away this time before.

He got a Mercy Network doctor to perform his operation. According to Boogie2988, the doctor has good experience operating on people over 100 pounds.

The surgery was originally scheduled for July 25, 2017. But it was postponed for some unknown reason that we can’t figure out. It was last held on August 1, 2017.


Before that, Boogie2988 attended some orientation classes to prepare him for the operation.

He had weight loss surgery earlier in the day. He announced before sharing a video that it was D-Day on his YouTube channel. His wife used to inform his fans about the incident via Twitter.

Doctors did not take long to perform his operation. This time Boogie2988 had a healthy and good stomach, so the operation is going well.

Many of his fans responded positively on Twitter to this successful news of the surgery.

Around 11 a.m., his wife shared a story on her Twitter account when the surgery was completed. He was released around 7.30p.m., in the afternoon. She said everything is going well according to plan.


After his operation, doctors gave him a pain reliever to reduce body pain. Even after that, he started to feel a lot of pain in his stomach after a few days.

It took him many days to recover after the operation. The doctor told him to follow many rules. He was not allowed to eat or drink for 3 dates. Furthermore, he was not allowed to eat well for the next 14 days.

After the operation, Boogie2988 will have to wait up to six weeks to eat solid food. Also he will need at least a year to eat small foods.

In this period of time, the YouTube channel Boogie2988 has been stopped. Because he can’t make any video for his audience. But he was very active on Twitter. He always posted anything or information on Twitter.

booige2988 twitter post

He once said that he made five videos for his audience when resting for surgery. We can know all these updates from him and his wife through their Twitter, where they shared this information.

The doctor recommended walking every hour for a better and faster recovery. In addition, the doctor advised him to walk for three to four minutes every hour. He had to face many problems to do this work. He was especially uncomfortable with his stomach ache.

At last he is a successful person on the weight reducing journey. He is such an inspiring person for all heavyweight people. There is much to learn from him for everyone.

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What is gastric bypass surgery?


We know that Boogie2988 had gastric bypass surgery. Many people are curious about it. I think you also want to know what gastric bypass surgery is and how it works.

Well, here we are going to discuss it in a short way. Keep reading the Article.

Gastric bypass is a surgery that is actually used for weight loss. It is also called Roux-en-Y.  It is a type of weight reduction surgery. Which involves making a small sac from the abdomen and attaching the newly formed sac directly to the small intestine.

The main function of this surgery is to cut back the number of food and nutrients that the body’s system can absorb during food intake.

The main function of this surgery is to reduce the amount of food and nutrients that the body’s system can absorb during food intake.

With this surgery, an overweight person can easily lose 70% of his weight in two years.

Here are two ways to do surgery. First way of the surgery is to reduce the main amount of food for the patient. Also looks for the patient’s stomach that can hold on. Then in the stomach the doctor created a small hole.

After that the doctor joins a part with a small Small intestine in the sac. This causes the food space to shrink and cannot pass through the upper and lower parts of the small intestine.

Patients faced many health problems for this operation. This problem is called dumping syndrome for the patients.

Gastric Bypass Surgery is too expensive in all places. In the United States it’s cost is almost 20k USD to 25k USD. This cost is estimated and it can vary in many places. We shared this cost According to the NIDDK website.

We find that this cost in Alaska is high at 57k USD and Arkansas is low at 15k USD. So it is not certain and we can’t say a single number correctly.

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Boogie2988 Transformation Picture

Here are some pictures that he changed after weight loss. You can get The difference between his weight loss before and after. Actually he has changed a lot after his surgery.


His Lifelong Struggle With Food

Boogie2988 has had an eating disorder since childhood. He is fighting for this many times. When he was 7 years old he was 50 pounds overweight. This is the reason why the children at his school gave him another name and also called him that.

The Boogie2988 weighed over 500 pounds. That it was not a normal weight. It was much more harmful than healthy. Different foods were like an addiction to him.

As soon as he got food, he became addicted to it and ate a lot of food. Doctors said that he could have died at the age of 25 if he had continued to eat so much.

So he decided to lose weight. He tried to change his eating habits. But not being able to lose weight in this way, he decided to have surgery and completed it.

In a Twitter post after his operation, he told his fans that he is still trying to change his eating habits.

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Boogie2988 Weight Loss Amount After the Surgery

Boogie2988 lost 200 pounds of weight after successful surgery. He was trying to hit his main goal to come at 300 pounds weight. But he cannot reach here. After surgery his weight came to 377 pounds.

Doctors advised him not to gain weight again and many more suggestions for him. He tried to follow those suggestions. In particular, he used to give up food and bad habits. Regardless, he is a successful man on a weight loss journey.

How Much is Boogie2988 Net Worth

Boogie2988’s estimated net worth is $ 2.5 million. Earn this amount doing YouTubeing, Streaming and sponsored. This is his main profession. He started his YouTube career in 2006. His YouTube channel is based on comedy and games.

Boogie2988 Gun

Steven ‘Boogie2988’ Williams aimed a shot at Frank Hassle and fired a warning shot overhead. This came after months of retaliation from Hassle, who appeared at his home in the wake of a tense dispute.

In the early morning hours of May 11, 2021, Drama Alert’s Daniel Keemstar tweeted that he had just come out of Boogie. Boogie2988 has already told reporters that the crime is now an inquiry and explained what happened to him in September.

Last word

Boogie2988 is very popular on his YouTube channel. He is always trying to entertain his audience. His previous life was very complicated. He was very upset mentally.

He started hoping for a good change in his life when she opened his YouTube channel in 2006. He started earning from then on and continued to manage his life well.

He is a very inspiring person. Much from his life to the age of education. People can learn a lot, especially from his current weight loss journey. So start your weight loss journey today.

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