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Dave Rover was a member of the US Navy Special Warfare Division from 1968 to 1971. Dave Roever is a Vietnam War veteran who was badly injured during a tour of duty in 1969. He grew up in a loving, committed family in South Texas and joined the Navy when he received his draft notice. He served as a riverboat gunner in Vietnam’s elite Brown Water Black Beret.

In this whole post, we are going to discuss Dave Roever Weight Loss journey with full details and also more information about him.

Dave Roever Weight Loss Journey

Over the years, Dave Roever has struggled with his weight. In fact, his weight has been a lifelong battle. Roever has tried every fad diet out there, but nothing has ever worked for him. Finally, Roever has found a weight loss plan that is working for him. He is down over 100 pounds and still losing! Dave Roever’s weight loss journey has been a long and hard one, but he is finally on the right track.

Dave Roever Before and After


Roever is a Vietnam War veteran who was injured by a hand grenade, resulting in the loss of his right eye, right arm, and left hand. In spite of his injuries, Roever has been successful in business and is an in-demand speaker.

In recent years, Roever has become known for his work in the area of weight loss. He has written a best-selling book on the subject and has developed a successful weight loss program. Roever’s program is based on the premise that weight loss is a journey, not a destination.

It is a process that requires commitment and perseverance. This program has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. He has been featured on television and in magazines, and his story has been an inspiration to many.

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Dave Roever Weight Loss Diet

In order to lose weight, Dave Roever suggests a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. He also recommends eating small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals. Roever also recommends avoiding processed foods and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Dave Roever Weight Loss Workout

After years of being overweight, Dave Roever finally found the secret to weight loss. He started working out regularly and eating healthy foods. He has now lost over 100 pounds and is in the best shape of his life! His workout routine is simple but effective.

He walks for 30 minutes every day and does strength training exercises three times a week. He has also cut out processed foods and sugar from his diet. Thanks to his new healthy lifestyle, Dave Roever is feeling great and looking better than ever.

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Dave Roever Net Worth

The popular navy man has an estimated net worth of $1 – $5 million dollars. This information is based on his current asset, income, and bank amount for 2022.

How old is Dave Roever?

Based on 2022 he is about 76 years old. His date of birth is October 27, 1946. His birthplace was South Texas, United State. He is a famous and senior person who has served his intelligence in the US Navy.

Dave Roever Wife


Dave Rover’s wife’s name is Brenda Roever. Dave and Brenda are a dynamic duo that is making a real difference in the lives of many. As co-founders of Eagles Summit Ranch, they provide training and support for wounded warriors, military personnel, and young leaders. 

They offer a variety of courses aimed at helping people overcome obstacles and achieve success. Whether it’s public speaking or emotional recovery, the couple is committed to helping others reach their potential.

Dave Roever Daughter And Son

Dave Rover and Brenda Rover have two children. His son’s name is Matthew Roever and his daughter is Kimberly Chapin. The Dave and Brenda Couples have four grandchildren.

Dave Roever Wikipedia

Dave Rover was an ex-US Navy Special Warfare member. Now he has some other identity, he is the Founder of Eagles Summit Ranch. He is a motivational speaker through who he works to inspire common people from his past experiences. His current main occupation is an author.

We get some information about his Zodiac Sign. Dave Rover’s Zodiac Sign is Scorpio. We are not sure about it. But some websites claim this information.


Dave Roever weight loss is a success story. He has managed to keep the weight off for over a year, and his health has improved as a result. He is an inspiration to others who are struggling to lose weight, and he shows that it is possible to achieve long-term success.

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