David Bromstad Weight Loss | The Secret His Chiseled Body

David Reed Bromstad is a well-known American designer and television personality. He was born on August 17, 1973. In 2006, he won the first season of HGTV Design Star. Today we are going to discuss David Bromstad Weight Loss success stories.

HGTV Design Star Season 1 winner David Bromstad is known for his unparalleled energy and wisdom.

The reality show star is best known for acting shirtless on the show. In an interview, he described himself as a “showman”. He loved building muscle and worked hard to show off on TV.

But they wanted him to take a professional look at the show, so the network called him in. As a result, he was then seen almost fully dressed. “The way I took it is that everyone has clothes and types of clothes for work,” he said. “So now I have to get dressed for work.”

David Bromstud Weight Loss Tips

Although the reality TV star does not prefer to show his naked body in the media these days, he still retains his muscular appearance. He often shares his fitness journey on social media with his fans.

In 2013, the fashion designer wrote on Twitter: “I lifted weights yesterday. I did his legs yesterday and cardio today.”

This aroused the curiosity of his fans about his exercise program and diet for weight loss.

During an interview with Fittest Guy in the United States, he told his fans that their goal should be to maintain a healthy weight, not to set short-term goals to reach a certain weight. He believes that instead of setting unattainable goals for himself, he is looking for an easy diet every day to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If he wants to lose some weight, then after returning from the shooting of the show, he goes to the club for an hour’s training in the evening. The busier you are, the more exercise you do,” he revealed. He said he hates aerobic exercise and prefers interval lifting to keep his heart rate up.

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David Bromstad Says It’s All in His Genes

David Bromstad Weight Loss And His Health Details

Hollywood celebrities are always under pressure to stay fit. However, Bromstad said that while that’s true for most stars, it’s not the same for him. He blamed all this on his genes and a strong metabolism for his shriveled body.

“I’ve always been exactly who I am now. I like to feel good about myself and exercise is part of the equation.”

He believes that television has added more motivation to staying physically fit and he wants people to see it as a catalyst for a healthy lifestyle. 

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David Bromstad on Eating Healthy

For those who want to lose weight, it is important to avoid waste products and eat healthily. Bromstad explained that he always follows a “clean” diet because his metabolism decreases with age.

“In my mid-thirties, I realized I couldn’t eat what I wanted anymore,” Bromstead said.

He sticks to his diet plan and avoids junk by eating small amounts of healthy snacks such as protein bars and fruits daily.

Is David from the lottery dream house in a relationship?

Meanwhile, the design star winner is focused on the next season of My Lottery Dream Home and doesn’t seem to be dating anyone.

David Bromstad Height

David Bromstad is 6’1 fit and 1.85 meter tall.

David Bromstad Net Worth

He is well known for winning at HGTV Design Star Season 1. His net worth is almost $4 million. This information is based on 2022.


Here we are trying to find out the actual information about David Bromstad Weight Loss. We also discussed his healthy life. We think this information will help you more for your next weight loss journey.

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