Griffin Santopietro Weight Loss | Cobra Kai Actor Full Story [2022]

Griffin Santopietro is an American actor. He is well known for acting at Cobra Kai. He was born on January 5, 2005. In Cobra Kai season 1, he was a very high weight person. But now he is looking different. Let’s go to know about the Griffin Santopietro Weight Loss story.

Griffin Santopietro Weight Loss Journey

If we see Griffin Santopietro’s pictures in 2021, we can see that he has changed a lot physically. In particular, he has lost a lot of weight. They found no match between Cobra Kai’s Season 1 kid character and his current picture. His fans noticed this.

Many of his fans said that it did not easily recognize him in Cobra Kai Season 3, which was aired on Netflix. Many of his fans have said about him that his body has changed a lot and with it the change of voice can be noticed.

There are still several parts of Griffin for the Cobra Kai season. The idea is that graphene will be kept in front of the camera for a longer time.



He gave some interviews on YouTube. The viewers noticed his physical differences. Viewers think that losing weight will be a beautiful story for everyone.

Griffin was able to lose weight as he got older. We think she made a good decision to lose weight.

As we get older, our bodies begin to change a lot. That’s what happened to Griffin. Griffin was much younger in Cobra Kai season 1. He is still a childhood man. In the future, he will change a lot more.

He lost weight in the past few years. It is a normal process for his body’s growth. It is also normal for his voice to change. But we have not received any good news from him regarding weight loss.

His all things are getting by his growth. Because he is slowly growing up. It is normal for him to change as he gets older.

In an interview Griffin said that : 

“”I will definitely say that there’s getting to be growth all around. Even like things I don’t know, I just believe that writers know what they’re doing and have a transparent vision.””

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Griffin Santopietro Before and After

Looking at these pictures, you can identify the change in his body. He is a huge change now from his Cobra Kai season 1. This is the reason his fans have had a lot of trouble recognizing him in Cobra Kai season 3.


Griffin Santopietro in Cobra Kai Season 3

Everyone involved has launched Cobra Kai Season 3 with very high expectations. It was released on Netflix Friday, Jan. 8, 2021.

Here, in honor of Miyagi (Pat Morita), the characters are presented in a larger and more beautiful way.

Another character, including Griffin Santopiatro, has been enlarged. Those who weren’t explicit in Cobra Kai’s Season 2 have been brought here in front of the camera in earnest.

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Griffin Santopietro net worth

According to a website, Griffin estimated net worth is $200 thousand dollars. It is counting in 2021. It can vary. We think it is not an exact number of his net worth.

Griffin Santopietro Movies and Tv Shows

Griffin’s most famous show is Cobra Kai from 2018. He also did other films and TV shows. The names of his Movies and TV shows are “The Week Of” (2018) “Soft” (2020) and “Terrifier 2”; it will be released in 2022.

Griffin Santopietro Age

He was born on January 5, 2005. According to his birthday, his age is now 16 years old. In this little age he did so many popular Movies and TV shows. That’s a great achievement for him and also for his parents.


In the end we can say that all people changed with the time. Not much news was found about his weight loss. However, we think that he did not lose weight due to any diet, workout or any other disease. He has lost his weight normally.

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