Jerod Mixon Weight Loss | 300lbs Loss In Less Than A Year

Jerod Mixon is an American Actor from Port Hueneme, California, the USA. He was born May 24, 1981. He was a very high weight person, and he was trying to lose weight. Here you can find some valuable information about Jerod Mixon weight loss journey.

How Did Jerod Mixon Undergo Weight Loss?

In his adult life, Jerod Mixon has struggled with high weight problems. He was constantly overweight and that had a great impact on his personal life. And it wasn’t entirely continuous bliss.

In addition to the completely old shame of the person, Jerod Mixon struggled to collectively pull off acting roles. He had thought about losing weight in the past, but couldn’t make up his mind.

Most did not want to impress him because of his body size, and most of the roles he took on were “fat” roles. He rarely had to play a different role.

Aside from the efficient effect of his weight, Zero’s body size changed to many tissue problems for his health. Because as the years went by, he gained a lot of weight and, in the same way, a significant loss for his health and well-being.

Jerod mixon weight loss pic

Eventually, he reached a point where his fat began to threaten his life and his only option was to lose weight.

Seeing that he needed to act fast, Jarrod Mixon made an incredible change in his mode. He started eating healthy foods and eliminated all processed foods from his diet. He even prohibited his consumption of alcohol and avoided foods high in saccharides and sugar.

To achieve effective weight loss, Jarrod Mixon regularly supplemented his healthy diet with remarkable exercise at regular intervals and for several months began to lose weight step by step.

It took him a few more months to lose the extra weight, but he did it. In short, the fruit of their perseverance.

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How much does Jerod Mixon weight ?

Jordan Mixon is a high weight person. His present weight is In Kilograms 150 Kg, In Pounds 330 lbs. He is trying to lose weight by doing many things. But he likes to eat healthy food so that he can get perfect calories. We hope he continues to lose weight and he will be able to reduce his weight to 150 kg.

Professional Career

Jerod mixon weight loss brothers

Jerod Mixon was acting in some of the best movies. He is well known for his movies. The Names of the movies are Me, Myself & Irene (2000), Old School (2003) and The New Guy (2002) according to IDM.

Jerod Mixon was working together with his brother Jamal Mixon. He works with him on some projects as a co-artist. The Mixon brothers are cast in the film “The Cookout” with Queen Latifah and Danny Glover, during which they played twins named “Willie” and “Nelson.”

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Personal life: Dating, Girlfriends, Wife, Kids

Jerod Mixon is currently single. He doesn’t have any dating history. We cannot see him around any girl without his acting. 

Jerod Mixon doesn’t have a wife, that’s why he doesn’t have any kids either. He is a purely single man right now. He didn’t share any information about this question. If we find any information about his girlfriend, wife or kids, we will share this here again.


Jerod Mixon does not share any information about his educational qualification anytime. He doesn’t like to share any childhood pictures on any social media. It is believed that he left primary school due to financial problems.

Even though his educational qualities are not disclosed, it is good that he had an excellent and fun attitude. The two brothers faced many struggles in their lives. They had to work hard to keep their position.

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Jerod Mixon’s Net Worth Salary and Earnings 2021

According to a website (name of the website is “celebrity net worth”) Jerod Mixon has a net worth of $200 thousand dollars. He earned this by doing many films and TV shows in Hollywood. He is also a producer in the industry. 

He produced some movies and earned more money from it. He is also a writer. He writes movies and TV shows and gets paid from it. 

Biography And Early Life

Jerod Mixon is a well-known and famous actor in the USA. But he doesn’t reveal any information about his life. We only know he has a younger brother. We know this because he is also an actor too.

It is published that he was born into a middle class family in the USA. The two brothers have faced many struggles in their life. But now they don’t need to struggle. Because they work well in the film industry.

Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Many fans of Jerod Mixon want to know how old is Jerod Mixon in 2021. Jerod Mixon is now 40 years old. He was born May 24, 1981. He is 5’9 fit tall. His weight is around In Kilograms 150 Kg, In Pounds 330 lbs.

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Jerod Mixon doesn’t get any awards right now. He was acting and writing in many films and TV shows. But this doesn’t get any awards. We hope he will get many awards in the future for his next works.

Some Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Here are some іntеrеѕtіng facts about Jerod Mixon.

  • In the Film industry, Jerod Mixon called Big Туmе for his weight.
  • Jerod Mixon has many followers on social media. Followers number is growing too.
  • Many times, he faced сrіtісіѕm for his weight. But he doesn’t react to them anytime.
  • His brother Jamal Mixon is well known and a talented actor in the industry.
  • Their two brothers are doing acting together in some Movies and TV shows.

Is Jerod Mixon gay?

Jerod Mixon doesn’t have any relationship. We don’t find any girlfriends or wife names of his. But we can say that Jerod Mixon is not gay. Many may call him gay, but it is not known to anyone. That’s why we can’t call him gay.

FAQ about Jerod Mixon which people want to know

  • Has Jerod Mixon lost weight?

Yes, Jerod Mixon lost his weight. He is a high weight person. This is the reason his fans can’t find any change in his body. But if you look at his old picture and then see his new picture, you can see the difference between the two pictures.

  • Is Jerod Mixon still alive?

Yes, Jerod Mixon is still alive. If he isn’t alive, the media knows this. Then all people know the news easily. This is why we can say he is still alive. He shared some pictures and videos on his social media. This is an update for his life.

  • Jerod Mixon wife

We don’t find any wife name of Jerod Mixon. Some websites said he has a girlfriend. Our search did not find a name. If we can find this in the future, we will attach it here.

  • How much does Jerod Mixon weight?

Jerod Mixon’s present weight is In Kilograms 150 Kg, In Pounds 330 lbs. In our opinion, it is still more weight for him. He is always trying to reduce his weight.

  • Are the Mixon brothers still alive?

Yes, they are still alive. If they were not alive, then this news would have been easily known through the media.

  • Today Jerod Mixon weight loss

He is always trying to lose weight. This is the reason he does his work every day. He eats healthy food and does exercises. He is successful in his weight loss journey.

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