Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss | Pierce Brosnan Wife’s 50 lbs Lost Journey With Her Diet [2022]

Keely Shaye Smith is an actress, model, and role model who is known for her success in losing weight. After her second child was born she gained more weight due to pregnancy, she was motivated at that time to reduce her weight to get back in her old body shape. Through portion control and mindful eating, Keely was able to lose 50 pounds in just six months. Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss journey is discussed in this whole post. Read and get the actual information about the topic.

Keely Shaye Smith Early Life

Keely Shaye Smith is an accomplished Director, Producer, and Documentary Filmmaker. Born in San Diego, California, Keely Shaye Brosnan has always had a passion for the arts. After high school, she attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona where she began her studies in Journalism.

Keely Shaye Smith’s career took off when she joined People magazine as a correspondent in 1995. In 2000, she made her directorial debut with the short film Tomorrow Never Dies. Keely Shaye Smith is also an Activist and Philanthropist, using her platform to promote causes she is passionate about.

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She directed a documentary film in 2022 and the film name is To Have and to Hold. The following year, she became a producer and director and made the Audience Award-winning Documentary film Poisoning Paradise at the Maui Film festival.

Poisoning Paradise is a heart-wrenching look at the environmental problems facing the Hawaiian Islands. Through the film, she brings attention to the importance of environmental protection and the preservation of these natural wonders.

She has also directed and produced several other documentaries including A Mighty Team (2006), about the Maui football team, and Racing the Rez (2008), about the Native Hawaiian community’s struggle to preserve their culture.

Keely Shaye Smith is known for her one work the documentaries Hauntings: Ghosts of History and Call Me Kuchu. Hauntings: Ghosts of History tells the story of people who are haunted by their past lives, and won Best Documentary at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. Call Me Kuchu is a powerful documentary about LGBT rights in Uganda and won the BFI London Film Festival Award for Best Documentary.

Keely Shaye Smith has also made several well-known films, including Iced (2011), Bag It (2010), Water & Power: A California Heist (2017), Kiss The Ground (2020), and On Coal River (2021).

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Keely Shaye Smith Family

Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye have been married for 21 years and have two sons together. Dylan Brosnan is 25 years old and Paris Brosnan is 21 years old. The couple met in 1994 on a blind date and got married in 2001.

Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss Journey

Keely Shaye Smith Weight Loss Journey

The actress and model have always been comfortable in her skin, but after the birth of her two children, she felt she needed to make a change. After the birth of her second child, she was motivated to get healthy and lose weight. Shaye started by making small changes to her diet and lifestyle. 

She began eating healthier foods and exercising regularly. To lose weight, a calorie deficit must be created by eating fewer calories than are burned each day. Smith attempted a 500-1000 calorie deficit per day.

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Why did Keely Shaye Gain Weight?

Shaye started gaining weight after she had her second child. It’s not uncommon for women to gain weight after pregnancy and child delivery. However, weight gain can be a problem for many people. There are several reasons why someone might gain weight, such as an unhealthy diet or a sedentary lifestyle.

When it comes to being healthy and losing weight, creating a healthy diet plan is one of the most important things you can do. A healthy diet plan means cutting out processed foods and sugary drinks and eating more whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. You need to drink enough water every day, it is most important for weight control. Not only does drinking plenty of water help with weight loss, but it also has numerous other health benefits.

How Did Keely Lose Weight?


In addition to exercising, Keely also changed her diet. She started eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting back on processed foods. She also made sure to eat breakfast every day, which is important for boosting metabolism and preventing hunger later in the day. By making these simple changes, Keely was able to lose weight and finally reach her goals.

Keely Shaye Smith Lifestyle

Deciding to lead a healthier lifestyle can be daunting, but it is worth it in the end. If you find that you are not seeing results on your own, you may need to seek professional help or try weight loss supplements. However, with commitment and perseverance, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals.

The best way to find out if you should gain or lose weight is to speak with your doctor. They can help you assess your current health status and make recommendations based on your individual needs. If you are looking to make a change for health reasons, they can also provide you with resources and support to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes.

If you think to reduce your weight you need to discuss it with your doctor or a professional dietitian to get proper guidance. Because safety is most important for your future planning. It is often more successful to make gradual changes over time, rather than sudden and drastic changes. With proper planning and guidance, you can make healthy changes to your weight that will last a lifetime.

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Keely Shaye Smith Workout Plan


Keely Shaye Smith is no stranger to the camera, and she’s certainly no stranger to working out. The actress and model recently shared her workout routine with the world, and it’s safe to say she’s in great shape. Here’s a look at her workout plan: 

As part of her weight loss journey, Keely Shaye Smith hits the gym five times a week. She focuses on a mix of cardio and strength training, and always makes sure to warm up and cool down properly. In addition to her regular gym sessions, she also goes for regular walks and hikes and tries to get in some form of exercise every day.

Keely Shaye Smith Diet Plan

Keely Shaye’s diet is an excellent way to lose weight without depriving yourself of your favorite foods. By eliminating processed and sugary foods, and eating only nutrient-rich foods, you can improve your metabolism and achieve healthy weight loss. 

Keely Shaye Smith starts her day with a cup of green tea and a protein shake. She then hits the gym for an hour of cardio, followed by 30 minutes of weight training. After her workout, she enjoys a healthy breakfast of egg whites and oatmeal. 

For lunch, Keely Shaye Smith likes to eat a salad with grilled chicken or fish. She also snacks on fruits and vegetables throughout the day. For dinner, she typically has a protein-rich meal, such as salmon or chicken, with vegetables.

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What should and shouldn’t consume in your Journey?

  1. Don’t starve yourself – it will only make you more likely to binge later on. 
  2. Don’t go on fad diets – they are usually unhealthy and you will likely regain any weight you lose when you go off the diet. 
  3. Do eat plenty of fruits and vegetables – they are packed with nutrients and fiber and will help fill you up. 
  4. Do eat lean protein – it will help you maintain your muscle mass as you lose weight. 5. 
  5. Do drink plenty of water – it will help keep you hydrated and help fill you up. 
  6. Do Avoid sugary drinks – they are high in calories and will sabotage your weight loss efforts. 
  7. Do Avoid processed foods – they are often high in calories and unhealthy ingredients. 8. 
  8. Do Avoid eating late at night – it can make it harder to lose weight and can also disrupt your sleep. 
  9. Do make sure you’re getting enough sleep – it’s important for both your physical and mental health. 
  10. Do make time for exercise – it will help you burn calories and improve your overall health. 
  11. Don’t obsess over the scale – focus on how you feel and how your clothes fit instead. 
  12. Do celebrate your successes – no matter how small, every bit of progress is worth celebrating. 
  13. Do be patient – weight loss takes time, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. 
  14. Do talk to your doctor – they can offer guidance and support throughout your weight loss journey. 
  15. Do remember that you are worth the effort – you deserve to be healthy and happy!

What should and shouldn’t do on your Journey?

  1. Don’t give up. 
  2. Don’t get discouraged. 
  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others. 
  5. Don’t neglect your diet. 
  6. Don’t skip meals. 
  7. Don’t over-exercise. 
  8. Don’t get too stressed out. 
  9. Don’t let yourself get too hungry. 
  10. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Keely helped Smith in getting out of Depression

The love story of Shaye Smith and Keely Shaye is one of the most heartwarming stories in Hollywood. Pierce Smith was struggling with depression after losing his first wife, Cassandra Harris, to cancer. 

However, meeting Keely Shaye started to change things for him. They fell in love with each other and have been supportive of each other through the good and the bad times. The couple is the most perfect in the Hollywood industry and their love story is an inspiration to many.


Keely Shaye Smith weight loss journey has been an inspiration to many. She has managed to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off for several years. Her story is one of dedication and perseverance, and she is an excellent role model for anyone looking to make a change in their lives.

Smith’s story is proof that it is possible to lose a large amount of weight and keep it off. If you are looking to make a change in your own life, take inspiration from her journey and know that it is possible to achieve your goals.

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