Kevin Belton Weight Loss | Chef’s Secret, Diet, Fitness & Surgery [2022]

Kevin Belton is an American Popular Chef. He is also a television presenter, author and educator. He was born in Circa 1960. He reduced his weight in over two years. Here you can get all information about Kevin Belton Weight Loss journey and success secret.

Kevin Belton Weight Loss Journey

Kevin Belton trying to reduce his weight over two years. Many of his fans are amazed to see him and want to know how he succeeded in her weight loss journey. Because in under two years he lost over then 130 pounds.

Kevin Belton began his weight loss journey in 2019. His weight loss process is so natural. But many of his fans think he has used gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. But he said in a Twitter post in September of that year that he had not undergone any surgery.

To this Twitter post Kevin Belton said clearly, The main secret to his losing weight was regular exercise with his wife, a low carbohydrate diet, and smaller portions. It takes more than two years to reduce his 130 pounds. He is so happy to reach this weight that he has now. 

After posting her on Twitter, his fans have made 200 comments so far. They wanted to know how he did his daily chores to lose weight. He said his blood pressure would rise and his prediabetes would appear.

Because of this he wanted to strive for his and his wife’s well-being and change. He worked all the time to stay healthy. 

One of his fans on Facebook commented on a post where this person talked about his losing weight. That fan commented that he lost 270lbs. He weighs 195 pounds now.

Kevin Belton looks more for his health after the comment. He makes a decision to reduce his and his wife’s weight.

It is clear that his weight loss secrets are the main three methods. The methods are given below.

  • Exercise
  • Small Portion Size
  • Low Carbs Diet

Did Kevin Belton have weight loss surgery?


Kevin Belton didn’t use any surgery for his weight loss journey. He relied on weight loss in a completely natural way. He focuses more on exercise and a moderate diet. Because of this it took a lot of time to reduce weight but he continued it. 

He needs more than two years to lose weight, but he can lose a lot of weight, 130 pounds. He would have had to spend much less time if he had lost weight through surgery. But he did not want to do it.

Naturally he has been able to lose a lot of his weight. He didn’t think it would be a problem to take too much time, so he didn’t think about having surgery.

Kevin Belton at the Time of Quarantine

In the covid-19 pandemic every person needs to stay at home for a long time. Kevin Belton also stayed at home with his wife and his children. This time he tried to exercise everyday with his wife and pet dog.

In Quraintain meantime he is trying to increase his cooking skills as a chef, which helps him a lot to teach others students. 

In Quraintain meantime he has also reduced his weight 50 pounds by doing workout and some other diet.

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Kevin Belton Football Career

Kevin Belton played football in the late 1970s. He played for Louisiana before transferring to Xavier University. It was a state level game. 

He tried to play better and at the pro level. But at training camp he got an injury. That injury ruined his football career. He stopped playing football after got injured.

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Kevin Belton Biography

He is a well known and famous chef in America. He has a cooking school and he has taught cooking for over 30 years. He teaches over 7000 lessons for his students. He is a TV host for cooking events. 

He is also a TV reporter for a morning news, name “Eyewitness Morning News ”. After his football career he started to work as a chef. Then he goes to teach other people how to cook.

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Kevin Belton Net Worth

Kevin Belton net worth is more than $2 million dollars. it is the estimated value for his total amount. He earned this amount by doing cooking teaching, TV host and also TV reporter.

Over the 30 years he worked as a cooking trainer. He serves many lessons for his huge students. He earned an amount by doing this kind of work.

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Kevin Belton Height and Weight

Kevin Belton’s height is 6 feet 9 inches, In Centimeters he is  206 cm. His running weight is 75 Kg or 165  lbs. He was reduced to 130 pound weight then he achieved his running weight 165 pounds.

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Kevin Belton Wife Photo

Kevin Belton’s wife’s name is Monica Belton. They got married after having a long time girlfriend and boyfriend. We know that their married life is very happy. Below is a picture of them together.


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