Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss | Diet, Surgery, Before& After [2022]

Kirsten Vangsness is an American Actor and Writer. She was born on July 7, 1972 in Los Angeles County, California, USA. Here you will know some valuable information about Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss that will help you with motivation to start your journey today.

She is well known for playing roles in CBS drama series Criminal Minds as Penelope Garcia and FBI Technical Analyst. She has also done good acting in some well known movies.

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Journey

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Kirsten Vangness has never been so fat in her childhood. She was a normal slim girl in her childhood. Over time, she began to gain weight. 

For a long time now she has been trying to lose weight. For which she started working hard and doing a lot of things that helped her lose weight. 

His current weight is 150 pounds or 75 kg. We thank her for her decision to lose weight. Many of her fans want to know how she lost weight. We will highlight all the issues here.

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How did Kirsten Vangsness Lose Her Weight?

Kirsten Vangness said the reason for her weight loss is reading a book and listening to a free podcast on Renee Stephens in her tweet. Renee Stephens podcast is called the total weight loss formula in one place.

Renee Stephens weight loss suggestions totally change the bad food habit and spiritual ways for reducing weight. 

In the many blogs on the internet we find Kirsten Vangness used a natural weight loss medicine that helped him a lot to reduce her 50 pound weight. 

But we think Kirsten Vangness didn’t use any supplements for her weight loss. She doesn’t recommend this. But some supplements are also good for the human body to reduce weight.

She was inspired by Renee Stephens’ six week podcast. Here Renee Stephens was told of her weight loss situation and how she reduced her weight with healthy food eating. 

This time Kirsten Vangness was gaining weight over and over. In the criminal mind show Kirsten Vangness was a 200 pound high weight person. 

She started to reduce weight and she kept a proper  mindset for the journey. She was thanks to Renee Stephens’s six-week program podcast. It helps her a lot to get proper information about weight loss.

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Does Kirsten Vangness Lose Weight From Surgery?

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You may have noticed Kirsten Vangness’s sudden 50 pound weight loss. This may make you think that she may have lost weight through surgery. But she completely denied that. She doesn’t really have any surgery for weight loss. 

Kirsten Vangness gives full credit to Renee Stephens podcast show. Because here Renee Stephens was taught how to become more self aware and live a healthier life.

Her followers want to know how she dieted and how she exercised. But Kirsten Vangnes never said that. She hid this information from the media and her followers.

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Did Kirsten’s Relationships Affect Her Weight?

Kirsten Vangness was a bisexual woman. She had a relationship with both sexes in the past. She was engaged to her girlfriend. She is a film editor, whose name is Melania Goldstein. 

This was their first relationship for Kirsten Vangness. This relationship lasted about seven years.

This relationship was broken in 2013. Silo became very critical of their relationship. Especially her sexual life. After a lot of rumors and controversy, she left with Hollywood actor and writer Keith Hanson.

Then suddenly he started losing weight. There were a lot of rumors about his weight loss in the year 2014.

It was revealed that he was involved with Hanson for another relationship in the year 2015. She was ready to walk with him after exchanging rings. But there are some issues here.

They are not married yet. But some rumors are that her fans can expect a good wedding/ marriage with Kirsten Vangness and Hanson. We hope they get married very soon.

She is now happy with her relationship with Hanson. Here are not any douthatable things that may be a problem with her weight loss.

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Kirsten Vangsness Before and After Losing Weight

kirsten vangsness weight lose

Kirsten Vangness was a high weight woman. Her weight was 200 pound. But she reduced her weight from 200 pound to 150 pound. She lost 50 pound weight. 

It is not easy work for her. She was trying to lose weight for a long time. She needs a three years long journey to reduce her weight in a proper way.

There are many ways that people lose weight. Spouse surgery, diet, taking medicine and so on. But she doesn’t take this. She takes healthy food eating and spiritual ways.

In her childhood she became chubbier than other kids her same age. But over time, that is likely to change. She became thicker than before.

But she lost a lot of her weight which is present. So that she looks much more beautiful than before. She was doing this with spiritual connections.

She changed her lifestyle and she became a vegetarian. It helped her weight reduction program. She followed and became a proper vegetarian for more than two decades.

We can learn many things from her weight loss story. Perfect mindset can help you to lose weight if you want. 

Kirsten Vangsness weight loss photos

Her many fans want to know What does Kirsten Vangsness look like now? But they can’t get the proper information about Kirsten Vangsness. She changed herself to losing 50 pound weight.

Transformation of Kirsten Vangness’s body is very good way. She is looking more beautiful now. Her appearance is much more beautiful than before. She is so attractive now. Look at some pictures of Kirsten Vangness after weight loss.

kirsten vangsness weight loss picture

Some Information About Kirsten Vangness Acting Career

Kirsten Vangness accepted the CBS hit drama Criminal Minds in 2005. She got a gift from the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle for best emerging comic actress. 

She also got another Award from the quarter-hour of Fem Best Actress Award and a Garland Award for best actress for the West Coast premiere.

She has done some well known movies. The names of these movies are “The A-List” in 2006, “Scream of the Bikini” in 2009, “In My Sleep” in 2010, and “The Chicago 8”  in 2011. She acted well in all the movies.

Fact About Kirsten Vangness with weight loss

The fact she lost almost all of her weight within the first month of their partnership is a good sign of how diet can help people lose weight. 

They believe losing weight with regular exercise is the only thing they have to gain over their life. Celebrities know of a difficult time maintaining proper body weight.

After marrying Simon Cowell Jennifer Aniston became famous with a weight loss surgical procedure in an effort to minimize body fat.

Some FAQ about Kirsten Vangness

Kirsten Vangness husband Keith Hanson

Kirsten Vangness’ boyfriend is Keith Hanson. They started their relationship in 2015. They are engaged. Now today they are not married. But we hope they will get married soon.

Kirsten Vangness weight loss contract

We could not find any contract information about Kirsten Vangness. If we get the details we will share it here with another update.

Kirsten Vangsness net worth.

Kirsten Vangness net worth is around $3 Million USD. It is the estimated value of her total assets. It could be a plus or minus figure.

Is Kirsten Vangsness married?

No, She is not married right now. But she is engaged with Keith Hanson.

How much weight has Kirsten Vangsness lost?

Kirsten Vangsness’ weight loss journey continued for three years. She got down from 200 pound to 150 pound. It means she lost 50 pounds in three years. That’s a good amount.

Who is Kirsten Vangsness’ husband?

Hollywood writer Keith Hanson is Kirsten Vangsness’ husband or boyfriend. They became engaged in November 2015. But they are not married.

Finnel words / Conclusion

Kirsten Vangsness is trying to reduce her weight. She didn’t give up from the journey. She needs three years but many people don’t want to give some time here. For this reason they cannot succeed in their weight loss journey.

At last We want to say to our visitors, Kirsten Vangsness weight loss is inspiring things for all. If you want to reduce your weight please give it some time in the proper way. We believe you will succeed on your journey also like Kirsten Vangsness.

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