Luke Combs Weight Loss | Diet, Exercise, Before & After [2022]

Luke Combs also had some problems with great success. He struggles with anxiety and POOC. In addition, Combs has also recently begun to gain weight. But he managed to get rid of him. How did he do it? Let’s talk about Luke Combs Weight Loss success journey.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Journey

Luke Combs Weight Loss Journey

Combs has struggled with his obesity all his life. And even though she was bullied for it in her high school years, something changed when she decided to do something with her weight.

Then in 2016, with the release of his first single “Hurricane”, Combs gained a lot of fame and praise. However, she also made many negative comments about her weight. But that was not the only reason why he decided to go on a weight loss journey. Losing weight is not just about stopping some critics or stopping others from bothering you.

Your appearance is certainly important, but reducing unnecessary and unhealthy weight is more important and of course good for your health. Combs has long planned to lose weight. However, criticism and negative comments about his appearance only seem to encourage his decision to do something about it. Luke began his journey to lose weight in late 2016 and has made good progress since then. Combs works with his coach Kevin Klug.

In one of his Instagram posts, Luke Combs describes his weight struggle as follows: “All my life I have struggled with my weight and worked on my ass to get to his point.” In addition, he thanked his coach “I want to thank my friend @klugfitness for keeping me crazy and failing.”

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How Did Luke Combs Lose Weight?

Combs began his weight loss journey with his wife, then with his girlfriend Nicole Hocking. If you have a partner on a trip, it seems easy. Combs and his partner began their journey by limiting themselves not only to junk food but also to meat.

Looking at how little progress Combs has made, there is no indication that he was considering a weight-loss operation. Combs and Nicole began planning their meal together and encouraged each other. The real motivation behind Combs’ veganism came after losing his first bet on his keyboard player.

Sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the story: Combs bet on a football game where he supported his favorite team, the Carolina Panthers. His keyboard player bets on the Atlanta Falcons. Well, he finally lost it. She was very angry with herself and decided to go vegan for another 3 months.

Maybe he saw his loss as an opportunity to lose weight. Combs bets on his same keyboard player that this time he will be a 90-day vegan. What happened is our next topic for discussion. Which is very interesting.

Luke Combs Diet Plan

Combs’ diet plan consists primarily of reducing junk food. As already mentioned, he bet on his opponent. In one of his interviews, Combs replied to his bet that “I’m now in my vegan adventure for 11 days. That means I’m still alive, I’ll put it this way. I eat a lot of bard protein and a lot of vegetables.”

He even described his struggle as “If you have no idea you’re vegan, they’re not animal products either.” No meat, no milk, no cheese, and no butter. And believe me, it’s really bad and not good. I know it’s hard, but I believe I can handle it. “

When he describes his struggle with food, he also talks about how bad meat loss is. He said, “I expected a good expensive steak after everything was said and done.” Let me just remind you that Combs’ girlfriend Nicole was with him on this trip as well and is also a vegan.

However, Combs’ plans did not turn out as planned. After only 30 days of his vegan life, Luke Combs has again lost his bet on the keyboard player. Bad luck, but he still made some progress and it gave him motivation. Combs’ friend also failed like him.

The combs have been forgotten since veganism and are probably also about to place bets. However, he still ate meat, but not as much as before, but less than before. However, if you don’t bet too much on eating meat, you can eat healthy products of animal origin with your healthy eating plan. All you have to do is eat junk food and eat meat more often.

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Luke Combs Exercise Plan

However, where Combs failed in his diet plan (or rather his bet), his exercise plan was successful. Whether it’s his coach Kevin Klug or Combs himself, running isn’t a waste of time.

Luke Combs described his coach Kevin’s approach to training as follows: “He really helped me and did me good in my discipline. If you’re in Nashville and you need to kick your ass, shout at him. Because it can crack. “

Kevin Klug is a professional personal trainer. He also runs his Klug Fitness Club.

How Much Weight Did Combs Lose?

Whether it was his diet plan or hard workout with Kevin, Combs lost weight. He lost 10 pounds on his way. He described his success as “yes, I lost 10 pounds and I know it’s a good thing for a food lover like me.”

Where Was Combs on His Weight Loss Journey?

Well, it looks like Luke Combs has finally abandoned his diet plan. No one has seen him near the gym lately.

However, if you are struggling with weight, you must step in. Betting on the path to losing weight is a good thing if it works for you. But if you have a strong commitment to yourself and you have control over yourself.

Then the point is that you don’t need any bets to get what you want. And always remember that “Health is wealth”.

A diet plan does not mean that you like good food, but you must avoid bad food. Once you lose some of your weight, you can eat delicious food. But of course, you have to control yourself and not have to eat as much as before.

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Before and After

Before the strikes and exercises began, Combs wanted about £ 226. However, after spending some time with his coach, he limited himself to heavy meals. The combs now weigh 216 pounds and 98 kg. And Combs seems to be happy with what he did.

Early Life

Combs is an American singer and songwriter. Its genre is country music. Combs was born on March 2, 1990. His name is Luke Albert Combs. In 2016, Luke met his soulmate Nicole Hocking and they started dating. They married in 2018 and married in August 2020.

Luke was born in Huntersville, North Carolina, and is the only child of his parents. Her parents were Chester Combs and Rhonda. When he was 8, his family moved to Asheville, North Carolina.

Luke Combs has loved music since childhood. She will perform as a singer at her school. This was followed by A.C. Reynolds High School. Combs gradually improved his music and performed in many places. He attended Appalachian State University, where he also worked as a bouncer at a bar.

Combs retired so he could pursue his country music career and not graduate. Combs has achieved a lot in his music career. Her first EP release was “The Way She Rides”, which she released in February 2014. Combs immediately moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he continued his career more fully. Combs did a lot, but appealed to many people who later became his fans with their single “Hurricane.”

It was his first single, selling 15,000 copies in just one week. Hurricane infection changed lives. Combs also works at Sony Music Nashville. Since then, Combs has produced many singles and collaborated with many bands. His new connection in 2019 was with the “Grand Ole Opry”.

What Did Luke Combs Say About his Path to Weight Loss?

Combs seems disappointed with his trip and rather ‘Bet’. He described his frustration as follows: “Did I feel bet that I was a vegan? No, I do not. I did it for more than a month and I thought, ‘Man, I don’t want to do this anymore, so I bet on my key player and I discussed with him how to get rid of him if I had to follow. that bet for the whole 90 days. Of course not, he’s so cool I won’t give up.

It was as if the Combs were thinking of some deliciously juicy meat. However, limiting yourself to certain foods that are not good for you is not a hell of a job. Many people have done it. Not only ordinary people but also many celebrities did it. Remember, all you have to do is trust yourself and think about your future.

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