Mark Benton Weight Loss | He Reveals His Secret Workout and Dance Diet [2022]

Mark Benton is a famous British actor who is well known for performing the television drama series Emmerdale. He started his acting career in 1989. You have seen him in many tv shows and other content where he looks like a very fat person. Recently, he tried to reduce his weight by doing some secret workout and diet. Now we are going to discuss Mark Benton Weight Loss success story.

Mark Benton Weight Loss Journey

The dramatic actor has gone through several cycles in his life lately. He started dancing to lose weight and reach his ideal weight. The actor began his weight loss journey as a choreographer and dancer.

Mark’s wife saw how much Mark had lost and encouraged him to sign up for dance classes. “You are so thin and beautiful. Why don’t you take a dance class? his wife said. After his wife talked he said “I thought you were joking when you said that.”

Mark Benton has decided to take up his wife’s challenge and pursue a career as a dance teacher and professional dancer. Mark Benton currently teaches jazz dance and ballet lessons. “I started teaching ballet and jazz dance only a few months ago. I can say that I am a professional ballet and jazz dancer. I’m going to teach all women how to learn ballroom dance.

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Mark Benton Changing Eating Habits to Lose Weight

Mark Benton changed his eating habit. This change gave him huge success in his weight loss journey. He started to take natural and healthy food and fruit. He takes fresh fruits without chemicals, pure green vegetables, and fresh salads. He said that he is going to be a full time vegetarian so staying healthy and weight loss comes naturally.

Mark Benton said – “I had to down my lunch of beer, wine and bacon sandwiches now that I’m taking dance class, they were delicious though”

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Mark Benton Weight Loss Transformation

Mark Benton Weight Loss With Dance

The famous actor Mark Benton has lost more than 40 pounds after trying this over 9 month. He said: “I now weigh 10 stone (over 100 pounds), which is the weight I was 20 years ago as a stage actor in London, which makes me very happy.

Mark Benton’s weight loss journey is almost over. In an interview, Mark Benton expressed his pride in his recovery and the impact he had on students.


Mark Benton weight loss journey is inspiring in many people’s minds. He didn’t give up for his whole weight loss journey. If you want to start your weight loss journey then you can follow Mark Benton as a mentor for you. It may help you a lot to get more inspiring that really improves your health.

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