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Presley Barker American Idol | Triad musicians seek out golden tickets

Presley Barker is a young singer who rose to fame on the American Idol television show. Presley Barker received an American Idol “golden ticket” from Traphill. A regular at the Reeves, Merlefest, and Elkin Roots Musical Festival Barker attends East Wilkes High School and is a rising star in the local bluegrass/country scene. Here, we are going to discuss Presley Barker American Idol journey and also his life.

Presley Barker Education

After attending The Reeves since he was a preschooler, Barker has been spending his summertime singing with his band at the Elkin Roots Music Festival. In addition to touring and playing concerts this past year (including performances at Creekside Park in Bel Air on June 11), pupils went crabbing during an East Wilkes High School graduation trip back in May. They also participated during the district’s environmental ribbon cutting.

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Presley Barker American Idol Audition

To prepare for his performances on the show, Barker went through all of day one of the auditions and continues to watch tapes at night.

“I don’t know if I should be watching it ‘cause every time it shows what they’re auditioning you can see me in there somewhere, or not anywhere, or like barely showing up with my guitar anyway. “

But that is OK because when somebody else got a scene on the show, he and his band-mates head straight to rehearsal. For Barker, those weekly sessions are like a “normal summer camp” that includes language arts classes in addition to music lessons. 

As for personal projects outside of schoolwork, Beyer said Barker always has an essay or book report due during each time – which includes those hour-long rehearsals scheduled after hours at 8:30 p.m.

Also hoping for a television spotlight and even a series, Barker has recently been working with District 7 town Councilwoman Lyndell Bordeaux to set up meetings and time slots in hopes of meeting one-on-one with producers.

“I don’t think (it will happen) this year because my family’s busy right now, but we’re trying to get all of that stuff lined up so next year is the real “I’m trying to be an honest, genuine person because anybody can say they’re good at anything. I have my voice and I have something more important going for me than just singing,” he said. “It kind of scares us that other people think we could eventually make music together [that will] collectively create a new sound.”

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Presley Barker’s Family Support for Music

After the deadline was over, Barker said he told his parents first and began practicing in mom’s driveway. In addition to singing there every night for about a month without fail. 

“Having my 10-year-old brother Luke and being overweight at times plays a big part,” he says. “My parents have been very supportive.”

“All families are safe. They take me everywhere, to different festivals and across the country,” Barker said. “My mother stopped brushing her teeth. My father is there now to feed the cows and my mother thinks he is watering the flowers.”

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Presley Barker Awards

From the bright lighting of the Grand Ole Opry to the refurbished theater in Elkins old Reeves Theater, the guitarist Presley Barker is bringing his musical talent to many people within weeks. He won several awards for his guitar skills at the Fiddlers Convention since he began taking classes around 6 years. This award includes two adult-division First Place wins at the Old Fiddlers Conference in Gallatin, Virginia in 2016 and 2017.


We were able to learn about a talented singer here. We have tried to discuss in detail the journey of his American Idol show. If you are a good fan of hers then we hope you enjoy our article later and find out the unknown about his.

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