Tessa Brooks Weight Loss | How Did She Lose 20 Pounds? [Updated 2022]

Tessa Brooks was always a bit overweight, but it wasn’t until she turned 30 that she started to really struggle with her weight. She tried every fad diet and exercise program out there, but nothing seemed to work for her. Here we are going to share with you some secrets about Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Journey.

She decided to take a more holistic approach to her weight loss journey and focus on her overall health. Within a few months, she had lost 20 pounds and felt better than ever.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Journey

Tessa Brooks is an American internet personality and dancer. She is best known for her involvement with the collaborative YouTube channel SevenSuperGirls, where she used to be a main cast member. As of 2020, she has her own YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers and more than 200 million views. 

Brooks began her journey to lose weight in early 2020. She had always been a bit overweight, but after she saw some unflattering photos of herself, she decided it was time to make a change.

Brooks started by cutting out sugary drinks and snacks from her diet and replaced them with healthier options. She also began working out regularly, both at the gym and at home. Within a few months, Brooks had lost 20 pounds (9 kg). 

She continued to lose weight throughout the year, and by December 2020, she had lost a total of 60 pounds (27 kg). She has shared photos and videos of her transformation on her YouTube channel, where she has been open and honest about her journey.

Brooks is now a role model for many young girls who are struggling with their weight. She is proof that it is possible to lose weight and get healthy, even if it takes some time and effort.

Thanks to her openness and willingness to share her story, Brooks has inspired many people to start their own weight loss journeys. If you’re looking to lose weight, Tessa Brooks is a great person to follow. She is proof that weight loss is possible, and her story can inspire you to start your own journey.

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Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Diet

There are many celebrities that have to deal with the public’s perception of their weight. Some of them are able to keep their weight down by following a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Tessa Brooks is one of those celebrities. The public’s perception of her weight has fluctuated over the years, but she has always been able to stay in shape by following a healthy diet and exercise routine. 

Tessa Brooks’s weight loss diet is based on the premise that she needs to eat less calories than she burns in order to lose weight. This is a tried and true method that has worked for many people. 

Tessa Brooks’s diet is not overly restrictive, but it does require her to be mindful of the foods she eats and the portion sizes she consumes. Tessa Brooks’s diet consists of mostly healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.

She avoids processed foods, sugary drinks, and high-fat foods. Tessa Brooks also makes sure to get plenty of water every day. She drinks at least eight glasses of water per day to keep her body hydrated and to help her lose weight.

Tessa Brooks’s diet is not the only thing she does to stay in shape. She also exercises regularly. Tessa Brooks’s workout routine consists of cardio exercises and strength training.

She also makes sure to get in some type of physical activity every day. This could be going for a walk, going for a run, or working out at the gym. Tessa Brooks’s weight loss diet and exercise routine has worked well for her. 

She has been able to lose weight and keep it off. If you are looking to lose weight, then you should consider following a similar diet and exercise routine.

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What Did Tessa Brooks Look Like Before Weight Loss?

Tessa Brooks was always a bit overweight, but it wasn’t until she reached her late twenties that she started to feel self-conscious about her body. She began to diet and exercise regularly, and over the course of a few years she managed to lose around 20 pounds.

Her transformation was so drastic that people who hadn’t seen her in a while didn’t even recognize her. Nowadays, Tessa is happier and more confident than ever before. 

She loves showing off her new body and loves to inspire others who are struggling with their own weight issues. She’s proof that it is possible to make a huge difference in your appearance through hard work and dedication.

How Does Tessa Brooks Maintain Her Weight Loss?

Tessa is known for her fitness videos, vlogs, and challenges. While Tessa has always been fit, she recently lost 20 pounds and has kept it off for over a year. So, how does Tessa Brooks maintain her weight loss? Here are 4 tips from Tessa that helped her lose the weight and keep it off:

  1. Find a workout routine you enjoy

Tessa says that she used to dread working out, but once she found a routine that she enjoyed, she was much more likely to stick with it. For Tessa, that means a mix of HIIT, weightlifting, and dance cardio. 

  1. Don’t restrict yourself

Tessa allows herself to eat whatever she wants, but she makes sure to portion out her meals and snacks. She also makes sure to get a mix of healthy and unhealthy foods so she doesn’t feel deprived. 

  1. Stay consistent

Tessa works out 6 days per week, even when she’s traveling. She also makes sure to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. 

  1. Set goals

Tessa says that setting goals is key to maintaining her weight loss. She makes sure to set small, achievable goals so she can stay on track. 

Following these tips, Tessa has been able to maintain her 20-pound weight loss for over a year. If you’re looking to lose weight, these tips can help you achieve your goals.

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How much does Tessa Brooks weight?

There is no definitive answer to this question as Tessa Brooks’ weight has not been made public. However, based on her height and body type, it is estimated that she weighs between 115 and 125 pounds.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Before and After

We can see that in her previous picture and current picture, we can see a huge change in her body. She was able to reduce her weight by doing her work. You can also get a good body without fat, if you are following Tessa Brooks weight loss journey.

Tessa Brooks Personal Information

Tessa Brooks is an American dancer and social media personality. She was born on March 20, 2002, in San Diego, California. She has two older sisters, Ashley and Giselle. Tessa began dancing when she was two years old and started competing when she was four.

She has won numerous competitions and scholarships, and has appeared in national and international commercials and music videos. Tessa has also performed on stage with Justin Bieber, Beyonce, and Ariana Grande. In addition to dancing, Tessa enjoys playing the piano and guitar. She is currently signed with the prestigious IMG Models agency.

Tessa Brooks Net Worth

Tessa Brooks has estimated Net Worth 4.3 million dollars. She earns this amount by working several things. Her total amount is based on her daily work.


Tessa Brooks weight loss journey is an inspiring one. She has lost a significant amount of weight and has kept it off for several years. She is an excellent role model for anyone who is looking to lose weight and improve their health.

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