Viking Barbie | Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth And Career

Viking Barbie has been known worldwide as a model, musician, songwriter or social networking influencer. She’s actually Kayleigh Meagan Swenson. She began her Instagram journey in 2017. She uploaded her first post in October 2017. She’s very well liked by her Instagram followers. Barbie currently has 9 million fans. She has remained a popular Viking Barbie lover among her fans. Barbie was born in Houston on 22 October 1985. She was born in the United States, with the birthplace of Libra.

Viking Barbie Height, Weight & Physical Measurements

Viking Barbie is a very beautiful girl. She is 5’10 feet tall with 57 kilogram weight. She has such beautiful body measurements. Her measurements are 36-25-37 inches approximately. She has very nice eyes that are blue, and her hair color is brown. We heard that she is doing her regular exercise because of her fitness.

Viking Barbie Educational Qualification

Viking Barbie Aka Kayleigh Meagan Swenson studied at a local high school. But we don’t find her any information about her college education. Her college education is unknown to us. If we get information about this, we will share this here.

Viking Barbie Careers

Beginning with her education, Viking Barbie was brought to Texas. She got the school from Texas. Then he went to the local high school and graduated there. Shortly after graduation, she began working as a professional model. 

Viking Barbie had many different tasks in modeling her kitten in her early days as a professional model. However, it is not known whether she went to college for higher education or not. Because she lost her father in her youth, she had to take care of herself and her family and started working as a model at a very young age.

It has the perfect height and appearance that everyone is looking for in a model. Viking Barbie has been featured twice on the cover of Playboy magazine. It was first published in Playboy Africa in January 2018. 

For the second time for the Swedish playboy in April 2018. In addition, he worked and modeled for many brands of underwear and swimwear. However, she also works for normal markets and appears regularly in other magazines. She later began working as a singer and rapper and became successful in it as well.

Viking Barbie Family

Viking Barbie is a great girl with an angelic face and also with an angelic face. Many men around the world turned her crazy after they met and saw her photos on their Instagram. The boys were just waiting for the opportunity to meet the Viking Barbie and line up at their door, just to get the chance. .

However, Viking Barbie focuses her eyes on her own husband. She went a lot in the past. The last person she dated was Dak Prescott. Dak Prescott is a quarterback behind the Dallas cowboys. The rumor began to disappear when it was confirmed that Prescott was living with a woman named her girlfriend, Lauren Holly. 

However, it was just gossip, because none of them on social networks admitted that they would fall in love. She’s dating a guy named Aaron Andrew right now, and we have proof of that. On October 15, 2018, what appears to be Aaron’s birthday, Viking Barbie posted a nice photo of herself on Instagram and named Aaron as her king and lover. The title of the photo is “Happy birthday to my king. Thank you for being  my partner, my dear and my friend.”

The Viking Barbie not only remained open about their relationship, but Aaron was also open and mentioned the Viking in her Instagram biography with Emoji Heart. According to social networks, their relationship is good and they like each other very much. 

It has also been rumored in the past that Wytsing was a lesbian. But her photos with Aaron explain that. She continued in family conditions and spent most of her adolescence in Antonio, Texas. She was born into a prominent family in Texas and was born of a white Caucasian ethnic group. 

Viking Barbie is the daughter of Robert Swenson, also known as Jeep Swenson. She is a professional wrestler, actor and stuntman. She gained popularity by starring as Bane in Batman and Robin in 1997. In recent days, she weighed more than 400 pounds and was admitted to the hospital because of an infection. However, the infection will only cure if it loses 100 pounds. However, it was difficult for her to lose weight at this stage of her life, and she died on August 18, 1997.

Viking Barbie Dating, Boyfriend, Affairs & Married Life

Viking Barbie is not married. But she has a rumor about this. This rumor is totally fake. She also has a rumor about boyfriends. Many people say that her boyfriend’s name is Aaron, but we believe that this is also fake news. We didn’t find any proper information about her boyfriend.

What is the Net Worth of Viking Barbie?

Viking Barbie is well known and also successful in the industry. She has an estimated net worth of $5 million according to information in 2022. She earned this amount as a model, singer, songwriter, and also social media influencer.

Viking Barbie Instagram

She has a huge number of followers on her Instagram account. She publishes all her daily news to her fans through her Instagram account. She has 11.2 million followers on her Instagram account. If you want to follow her on Instagram then you can go to this link. Viking.barbie

Viking Barbie Twitter

Viking Barbie is also an active person on Twitter. She also posts many things on her Twitter account. She has a large amount of flowers on her twitter account. You can follow her on Twitter.

Viking Barbie Snapchat

We don’t find her Snapchat account. Maybe she deleted her account or something. We are searching in many places for her account to share with you, but we can’t find it.

Viking Barbie Bury Yourself Lyrics

Bury Yourself is a song sung by Viking Barbie. It has some adult words. Her reason is that we can’t share the lyrics with you. If you really want to lichen the song then you can go on YouTube. This song is available on a youtube channel named “Viking Barbie”.


We are trying to find out some information about Viking Barbie. But some information is really missing in the online portal. If we get more future information about Viking Barbie, we will update this here.

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